Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hello out there?!!

I really didn't make very good on that promise to blog once Miss Lil turned one, did I? I have absolutely no idea how you catch up on 6 months of changes, especially since the smallest ones often make the biggest impact and there are just so many of them... and what everyone says is unfortunetly true; they go by so fast.

I realized on Lily's 18-month birthday that I've been at the job of sahm for almost 2 years (including those miserable long days of bedrest) and I think that I'm just now really starting to appreciate what an opportunity it's been. I look back and feel so lucky. I've seen it all.... every.little.change. and to watch my husband continually grow into the dad that he is.... so amazing.

I find myself clinging on to the tiny bit of baby-hood we have left in her while at the same time loving all of the things that come with this age. So smart. So talkative. So loving. So funny.

The decision to pack it up and move it out to Texas has proven to be a good one. It's our happy place. Our house is in the sticks and there is a whole lot of nothing between us and the city of Austin but we're so excited to watch it grow around us. So nice to be surrounded by such warm, kind people. Lots of adventures to come for our little family. Love them so much.