Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hellooooo, summer

According to a couple of our favorite neighborhood 10-year-olds, today officially marks the start of summer in our little part of the world. This is news to us, though, since Lily and her buds (you must check out that link-- so cute.) have been living in laid back summer style for a while now.

Are they adorable or what? I'm so looking forward to watching them grow up together. Between Jacob, Taryn and Jessi, Lily is one happy girl. Seeing them all together makes US happy too--- it so reaffirms all of the reasons why we decided to move here.

Ooh, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Mom and Dad!! 32 years. Amazing.

(Posted this picture for Lyndsay hoping that she'll think happy thoughts of Jamaica:)-- and by the way, I'm horrified that you, the Blog Queen!! have seen my pathetic little blog!! )

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Kimberly said...

Welcome to the mama blogging world! I hope you aren't too mad at Lyndsay for linking your blog!