Monday, June 2, 2008


All the time. This girl is never full. We're thinking she's in the middle of a serious growth spurt or maybe it's because she's outside so much more now, but at least 500 times a day it's not "hungry" that we hear from her....... she's "hoooooooooooongry." It started during her photo shoot at Lyndsay's house on Friday morning and hasn't stopped. She's a grape eating machine.

And while we're at it, some cuteness straight from Lyndsay's blog:

Man! Is she talented or what?! I'm amazed at how she captures people . Her blog is fantastic and her photography pretty much speaks for itself. She and her husband have become great friends of what a close family they are. They've got great kids, are just good people and fun to be around. Lots of laughing when we're together. We lucked out meeting them. Big time.

Busy couple of days around here... Mike had a few days off early last week. It was a very much needed break for him and Lily was in heaven having Daddy to wake up to every morning. . He's been working so hard and such long hours that it's been tough on her. And me. We miss him, so to have him around for 3 straight days was awesome. Lots of "peeky my daddy" being played around here. EVERYTHING is "my" this or "my" that these days, including her dad. I don't think he minds, either. :

We got brave and had a bunch of our neighbors and a few family members over for a Memorial Day BBQ. Mike and I ended up working until 1am the night before to finish a few painting projects that I had started. He was thrilled. :)

Made it to Sea World to see "Hamu."

Oddly enough it wasn't Shamu himself who was the bit hit or any other sea creature that came close to resembling him (her?)

Nope, it was the flamingos that stole our girl's heart. As we walked through the parking lot on our way back to the car, Lily sobbed "my mingos!" It's been all about flamingos around here ever since. Such a nut.

On that note, we hit the neighborhood pool a few times last week too and each time, she insisted on wearing her mingo suit (notice the watermelon drool on the suit? That was a big hongry moment)

So, so nice having this close by to our house. It's at the most a 5 minute walk...... and on lazy, hot days, about a 1 minute drive. :)

We DO walk almost every morning, though, with our fantastic neighbors. The walking I'm not thrilled about but the company is fantastic. Such nice people. Totally the type of neigbors/ friends we were hoping for. Lily adores their kids and well..... let this last picture tell the story of her friendship with Jacob, who's only a bit older than her...

Now.... wait for it..... and..... get ready to say awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww........

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh........... summertime.

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Shandrea said...

Soooo adorable! It's so fun to see your blog! Oh, our little ones together...precious.