Monday, July 21, 2008

And so it begins.

Ahhh..... down for the night. It's been exhausting since we've seen the beginning of what looks to be the terrible twos. Lots of grouchy, pouty moments around here lately. It seems to come at the most random times, too. We're working through it and slowly our normal kid is coming back but still... I'm scared.

Thankfully, we do still see our normally cute and spunky girl here and there. She is talking like crazy, gets crazy frustrated when we don't understand her and somehow manages to balance just the right combo of girly-girl and toughness. Some of the things she's up to at 20 months:

1. "Pretties" time. She loves to sit on the bathroom counter (usually mine) and admire herself in the mirror right now. She'll brush her hair and take my makeup out, pretending to put it on her face. Over and over I'll hear "Ooooh! Pretties!" :)

2. Singing. About everything. And dancing. Mike and I were at a shoe store a couple of weekends ago and she had half of the store cracking up at her showstopping rendition of "Shoes, shoes, shoooooooes." It came along with a booty shake and a couple of big spins.... there might have even been a couple of jazz hands in there too. Seriously.

3. Being obsessed with anything even remotely Disney related. We just returned from a fun (?!) weekend at Sea World with our good friends and Lily flat out refused to acknowledge Shamu as Shamu. No... in her world, he's "Mickamu." LOL! We have plans to take her to Disney World in September for the first time and I'm actually worried that she might just burst with Minnie and Mickey loving happiness. It's all about them and "Rella" in our house right now. I have to admit, I love it though. We're going to make our official Disney countdown calendar tomorrow.

4. Anything that has to do with art, stickers or bubbles. The art box that lies in the bottom of our pantry is taken out at least 10 times a day. Stickers are EVERYwhere. I spend a lot of time peeling them off of our tile and it annoys me to no end but in the end, I'm okay with it because man, does the girl love her some stickers! She usually ends her art sessions fully decorated and ready for a bath. :)

5. She LOVES her kitten. We finally gave in and adopted our Mimi a few weeks ago and for Lily, it was love at first sight. She wakes up calling for her and has to give her kisses before she goes to bed at night. Mimi has been such a little trooper.... I have a feeling that she has many years of being dressed up and carted around in a doll stroller to endure but she seems to like it. She follows Lily around constantly. Just doesn't get much cuter than that.

I have NO recent pictures to share since I ended up losing my camera at Sea World. Ugh. Mike and I were watching Lily play in the toddler area and she suddenly took off out the door... we both ran after her and I didn't grab my camera case on the way out. We went to the Lost and Found as soon as we realized what had happened, but nothing had been turned in. Such a bummer.

Luckily, I have a DSLR that I really need to learn how to use and I figure this is my opportunity to make that happen. I got a pep talk from Lyndsay this afternoon (thank you, friend) and I'm ready to go for it. Finally. :)

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