Sunday, July 27, 2008


Such a loving girl.

When she sees Mike and I hug, she'll say "awwwwwwwwwwwwwww" and "up, up!" She will not miss out on the opportunity to hug. I adore that.

When she gets tired of walking, she'll say "Mommy, kissies!" I'll pick her up to carry her and get a big, sweet kiss as a bonus. Mike and I can't get enough of that one. Ridiculously cute.

Mimi is getting her fair share of Lily love these days and she seems hooked too. From the moment that girl wakes up, Mimi's at her side. Exactly what I pictured when we first decided to adopt a kitten. So, so sweet.

These moments overshadow the tough ones that come along with her being almost 2. So thankful for them. So hopeful that this part of her doesn't fade. That she'll always be affectionate. Always be everybody's best buddy. Never stop living life with so much enthusiasm and spunk.

So incredibly thankful for her and how much joy she brings to our lives.

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Shandrea said...

Oh, I LOVE your blog! I am thrilled to see those beautiful pictures and read your cute comments! She is so adorable. Jacob is so blessed to have her as his sweet friend.