Saturday, August 23, 2008

Art Cat

I think Lil has found her artistic muse in Mimi. The two of them spent at least an hour fully engrossed in this self portrait project. It was serious business and I got an insane amount of cleaning done in my kitchen. Awesome stuff.

Half-way through, I asked Lily what it was that she was working on. Mimi yawned. Lily stared right at me with a pitied look on her face and said very importantly "BODY, Mama." Duh.

There were a couple of fits had when I reminded her that markers are not for eating. That seems to be an ongoing part of the whole artmaking process.

And finally, Lily announced that she had sticky hands and they decided that it was done.

This beauty now hangs on the wall leading to Lily's room:

She passes it and says "hi body!" I pass it and marvel at what a big girl she's becoming.

One day, she'll probably look at it and wonder how she was ever so little. How Mimi was ever so little. How she didn't know that she was supposed to stay inside the lines. How her hands and feet seem a little bit too squiggly.

I'll look at it and I'll miss this time. Her cute, almost gone now baby chub. I'll miss hearing "Mommy, kissies!" Having her sit in my lap and ask to cuddle-- "peas, mama." Watching her rub her eyes and toes with Mr. Blanks McGee. Hearing her call out for me like I've been gone forever when I've just left the room. Watching her lay down the floor next to her "cute" kitty, saying "oooh, looooovey." The joy that comes with coloring outside of the lines. Those excited, spazzy squeals she makes when we do family hugs.

In her sweet little 21-month self portrait I'll see a masterpiece created by my squirmy, moody, tickly, wonderful baby girl and her little black cat. And I'll cherish it.


Kristin said...

Best cat ever!

And best baby ever! :)

Shandrea said...

You're making me cry. Oh, how we'll miss the "little" in our little ones.