Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Daddy's Biggest Fear

One look at these pictures and I literally watched the color drain from Mike's face.

Lily's beloved "Apbop." Such buddies.

They get so excited when they see each other-- ear piercing squeals!--and lately have found true entertainment in screeching matches. So funny. I have a feeling that in a few years they'll be begging us to put these pictures away. Sorry kiddos, but I've got news for you: NEVER! They have a permanent place in my Teenage Torture File. :)

Jacob's sister, Jessi, has pretty much the same effect on Lily. She ADORES her. Seriously. You ask Lily what her name is and she'll answer "Jessi." Or Kate... but that's a whole other post.

We're just so thankful to Jessi for being so sweet and patient with Lily-- even though they're over 4 years apart. She's just a great kid and they have a ball together. Jessi and her sweet sister do a lot of giggling about the kissing that goes on between Lily and Jacob. Last week, I heard them egging them on-- "don't be shy, just do it!" Mike would have died. LOL!

Really, though.... toddler love.... does it get any sweeter?

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Shandrea said...

Oh my, how adorable is that! I love these pics you took! I definately agree with keeping these in their teenage-torture file (they'll be glad we did). I hope that our little ones will be friends forever.