Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday

to Lily's new cousin and the littlest of the beautiful Hazard girls! We just got news of her late Friday evening arrival from her proud Grandpa and Nana and are anxiously waiting to hear her sweet name.


Kris said...

Aloha Vaughn Family... your newest little cousin and niece is here.. Devyn Mailli Hazard 7# 6 oz ( I think) nice easy birth and a sweet baby girl from what I have been told... her middle name is Great Grandpa Hazard's first name William without the 'w'.. pronounced like smiley...Papa Jim is out in CA and was able to see her.. Great Grandpa Hazard is moving to a new care home out on Camp 8 Road, ( ask Mike) in the area between Paso and Creston.. Hopefully he will be happy there as they are more suited to care for his demintia and the country side is more like what he is used to..kind of like Round Rock!!
We love and miss you...nanamom

HazardsNParadise said...

What a wonderful family I have...I often ask myself and the universe why I am so very blessed..Kindness, love, caring and fun and crazy times...who could ever want more!! I love you all...nanamom