Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Thinking of Ann today as she's laid to rest and making a promise that I won't take time for granted. I'll stop putting things off. Enjoy the little moments. I'll be a better friend and make more of an effort to get in touch with the people that I love. Be content with what I have. I'll try to let go and not hold grudges. Rejoice in the way things are. I'll write down memories and take more pictures that include me. I'll make the most of each day.

I'm remembering how I couldn't help but smile at my mom and Ann when they were together. How they would laugh until they cried and squealed at the sight of each other. Their realness. How they bonded over their mutual adoration of their kids and families. They didn't let distance get in the way of friendship. They savored every minute together.

More than ever I've been reminded of how blessed I am to be a mom and to have a family.

On the most challenging, longest of days, with Ann in mind, I won't take that for granted.

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