Friday, December 5, 2008

Jingle All The Waaaaaaaaaaaay.....

"HEY!" That's Lily's favorite part of the song and we're hearing it quite a bit these days.

Since Thanksgiving, we've quickly realized that this area is all about sweet little hometown Christmas celebrations, so we've been catching as many of them as we can... they do such a wonderful job of just making it feel like Christmas here. We love it.

The city of Georgetown put on their official tree lighting ceremony a couple of Fridays ago, complete with "Lily's singers" (aka carolers), hot chocolate, the town mayor and judge and Santa in full cowboy gear. Only in Texas! It was adorable and Lil even got up on the steps with the other kids to sing along with the carolers.

The following day, it was REALLY cold and REALLY rainy. We didn't let it stop us from making the drive to The Elgin Christmas Tree Farm, though. We bundled up our girl and braved the chilly weather, big pools of mud and the scariest thing of all: no naptime.

We hopped on the hayride shortly after we arrived feeling a little bit soggy and were sooooo happy to see the sun coming through the clouds as we rode.

They dropped us off in the middle of the farm, handed Mike a saw and set us free to search for our tree. We were surrounded by a ton of families, many of them who had been coming to the farm for years... so sweet.

There was a lot of touching and sniffing

A few breakdowns caused by muddy hands

and a whole lot of walking around until we finally found THE ONE.

Mike was excited to put that saw to use and Lily was right there to help.

She quickly announced that "the tree is sticky!"

but still wanted to help her daddy carry it back to the hayride.

We visited the animals while Mike loaded up the car

and Lil enjoyed her view of our tree through the sunroof on the way home.

It's been a fun couple of weeks, but by far, the most exciting thing

was our trip to the library for a Santa sing-a-long and visit.

She made sure to tell him that she's "a good girl" and demanded that he take a moment to listen to the band that was playing Christmas carols across the room

Before we left, she decided that she wanted one last sit with the big guy and took a flying leap onto his lap.

Her final take while eating her prized candy cane from Santa: "He got scratchies on his face." Funny girl.

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)