Thursday, January 29, 2009


We are.
SHE is.
She just hasn't been feeling too hot this week while working on those dreaded 2 year molars to come in.
Most of the time, any kind of Big Sister talk leads to a whole lot of excitement.
She can't wait to "give baby sister a bottle,"

which is wonderful and very sweet....
.except that yesterday we had an ultrasound and found out that not only is this little one looking very healthy and very active--- kicking and waving those teeny arms---
but, official confirmation that "baby sister",
according to my doctor, with a
"200%, 1st year of college tuition paid guarantee"

is a BOY!

We know the joy that comes along with having a little girl, so we were excited as the prospect of having another one.

Today, to know that we'll not only have 2 healthy children--
the most important thing to both of us---
but one of each.... we are THRILLED.
My official due date is July 7th
and I'm hoping that if things continue to go well this time around,
he'll stay put until then.

We are one lucky family.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just so I don't forget.

Lily and Daddy spent the afternoon together yesterday while I was away. I'm still not feeling great, so the opportunity to spend a few quiet hours to myself was a nice one. I never can stay away long, though. I miss them. So I walked through the door just in time to be attacked with hugs, kisses and "mommmmiiieeeeee!s" before my phone rang. It was my mom and Lily insisted on talking to her. Their conversation went a little like this:

L: Hi Grandma!
M: Are you happy that Mommy's home?
L: Yeeeeeeeeeeess!! I love her! Her's my mommy! She's cuddly ((hugs my legs and rubs her face close to mine)). She's SO CUDDLY!


And then today, when Mike stopped by her Gymboree class during music time, she noticed him out of the corner of her eye, dropped what she was doing and screamed "it's MY DADDY!! My daddy!! I love him!!! HI DADDY!" and ran straight for him while all of the parents laughed.

Love that girl.