Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tiny Dancers

Blame it on Fancy Nancy, Angelina or maybe even Olivia.... but a few weeks ago Lily started begging us to take her to "ballerina school" and didn't let up until she was there.

And, it was love at first little tiptoe across the room... complete with tiara and magic wand. Lily's own little version of heaven.

Her teacher, Miss Allison, could not be any more fantastic in her eyes ("Mommy, she is REAL. A real ballerina. She is so beaaaaaaaaautiful. I love her.").

And I'm not embarrassed to admit that I've been using "Miss Allison uses the potty/ likes when you're a good listener/always cleans up...." and "is that what ballerinas do?" to my full advantage since we started. :)

Most of the girls in the class are closer to 4, so she's a little bit more squirmy and impatient than a lot of them... but she eats up her "baby" status. They giggle together during stretches, pat her on the head and tell her "good job," hold her hand when she starts to wander and help her switch out her ballet slippers for tap shoes. She asks me every day when she'll see her "ballerina friends."

Tapping, I think, was made for 2-year-olds... channeling all of that pent up energy into your toes and realizing that quick movement equals noise all while watching and admiring yourself in a huge mirror... it doesn't get much better than that.

It took her a few minutes of pretending to be shy before she let go...

and busted out her moves while singing along with the music.

Notice how she tends to tuck her skirt into her leotard? Goofball.

She's just getting so big. Mike and I have always said that we'll make it our big priority to help her find what she loves to do and I'm not-so-secretly hoping that this is it. There's something about a little girl in a tutu.

And she's not our only tiny dancer, either. Check out this little 1lb, 10oz guy who's been doing spins in my belly lately:

That profile sure looks familiar. :) We've loved every minute of these ultrasounds--- so nice to have them without any fear of something being wrong. It's amazing to watch all that he's up to in there.

I'm feeling so much better this time around and being positive that he'll stay put just long enough to see some fireworks. Keep those fingers crossed for us.

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