Thursday, April 2, 2009

Becoming a Big Girl

Mike and I have realized lately that time is flying by. Flying. What started out sounding like a very long 9 months has quickly ticked away and left us with and almost 2.5 year old and a daily baby countdown in the double digits.


So, with that in mind and because my mom came to visit on a mission to help me get organized, we realized it was time for the start of Project Big Girl.

Project goal #1: The Official Big Girl Room. She was in love with her crib and we finally were in a groove with sleeping, but we knew it was time to make a switch outta there.

We realized quickly that because she's such a restless sleeper a daybed was going to work best. So during quick trip to Ikea, she picked out a bed and Mike began a veeeeeeery long spray painting project to turn it from black to white.

She had a few requests for her room: PINK, flowers, chickadees, castles, PINK! and ballerinas. Ummm.... okay. My mom and I bought a deeper shade of pink paint than what was already on her walls, some fun fabric to go with her bedspread and got started (so thankful for her help since I'm a little too wobbly for ladders these days and my sewing machine scares me).

In the end, we worked with what we had and it was this that we came up with

Yep, just a little bit girly. :) It is soooooo her-- just what I hoped for. She's happy and loves her bed, so we're happy too. Thankfully, it was an amazingly easy transition.

Project goal #2: Buh bye diapers. This one's been a little bit more challenging but we're so, so close...

Just when we thought we had it down, she came down with a nasty sinus infection that put her on antibiotics. Poor kiddo. Her stomach has been a mess. Hopefully when it's all over next week we can pick up from where we left off. I'd really like at least a month off of diapers. I'm pretty sure it'll happen.

And that brings us to the final Project goal #3: School!! This is a biggie. Back in late January I started really looking into finding the place that would be the best fit for Lily. I knew exactly what I was looking for and luckily, I found it.

If all goes right, she'll be starting a one day a week program in September. I think "ballerina school" is going to be a good intro leading up to the big first day. We're so excited for her! It'll just be Lily's thing-- so important with the changes coming up in our house this summer.

It's such a relief to be moving forward step by step. Admittedly though, it's bittersweet....

She's well on her way to Big Girl-ness. Look out, world.

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