Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Daddy Kind of Project

I consider creepy crawly, multiple legged, slimy, slithery things to be Daddy territory. So when a teeny tiny little box arrived in our mailbox with the words "LIVE CREATURES" marked on the side of it, I knew who had ordered it. Sooooo not me.

Lily goes nuts when she sees any kind of box appear during our daily mail run. Right away she demanded "let's open it!" I wasn't going there, though. This was, 100%, without a doubt, an Official Daddy Project.

They opened that little package together and in it they found this:

Lily declared them "beeeeeautiful and cute" despite their oooh-ey, gooey-ness.

We watched for days as they slimed and slithered into cocoons. Lily cheered them on--"you can doooooo it!" Her little buddies that dropped by in the meantime (and some of our adult buddies too:) ) were pretty impressed by all that was going on in that little clear cup.

And then, the big moment finally arrived--- Flutters, Butters and Flutterfly (creatively named by our girl) suddenly appeared after literally hanging out for days. It was pretty exciting... and the adults were really freaked out about the blood involved, but that's a whole other post.

Lil spent days singing to her new friends, coaching them on how to fly and feeding them sugar water. We talked a lot about the joy of flying free and the need to be with family and she finally agreed that it was time to let them go.

Now, it's an amazing coincidence how every single time we spot a butterfly, it happens to be one of our three "butterfly babies." :)

A pretty cool project pulled off by a pretty fantastic daddy.

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