Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Funny

Overheard at our little community pool tonight...

Lily: "I wanna follow that boy up the ladder!"
Mike: (teasing) "You can't climb up there and jump in like that."
L: "Yes I can, I can jump in just like that boy. I just need some GOBBLES for my eyes."

Sunday, June 21, 2009


A hero in her eyes. Capable of making her squeal just by walking in the door at the end of the day. The one who can fix anything. The absolute best chase player ever. She watches him shave off his "scratchies" and giggles at how he looks like Santa. When he's done, she rubs his face and kisses his cheeks once he's got "softies."

He's my best friend in the world and my heart swells watching him with her. Many times he's been accused of being rough around the edges (even by me) but when he became a daddy, he softened. He's the daddy that dances her around the kitchen with her on his toes while singing along to Cinderella. They have tea parties while she takes her bath. He does when he reads to her each night at bedtime. He oohs and ahhs as she prances down the stairs and tells her she's beautiful.

She'll grow up knowing how lucky she is to call him daddy and never question how much she's loved. And I'll continue being so, so proud of him for being even better than the kind of dad he set out to be.

Happy Father's Day! Love you, Mike.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

35wks and a couple of days...

To those of you that say I'm looking small.... man, I love you. This, however, proves otherwise !!! and not only captures the little guy but it's a perfect snapshot of his big sister, who flat.out.refuses to look at the camera right now. Every picture we take looks just like this--- squint eyes and goof smile. So, so her.

Also very her-- she still talks to Jack a lot throughout the day, but lately has been giving him requests, namely what she wants him to bring when he arrives. "Jack, please bring me a new sparkly Cinderella dress and help make my hands blue (gloves)." HA! Only her.

Feeling very blessed to have made it to this point without any complications, especially since I was in the hospital at this time with Lily doing everything I could to keep her hanging out until 36 weeks.

All bets are on as to when this little guy will show but I'm sooooo thankful that my mom will be here next week just in case. Can't wait!