Thursday, June 4, 2009

35wks and a couple of days...

To those of you that say I'm looking small.... man, I love you. This, however, proves otherwise !!! and not only captures the little guy but it's a perfect snapshot of his big sister, who flat.out.refuses to look at the camera right now. Every picture we take looks just like this--- squint eyes and goof smile. So, so her.

Also very her-- she still talks to Jack a lot throughout the day, but lately has been giving him requests, namely what she wants him to bring when he arrives. "Jack, please bring me a new sparkly Cinderella dress and help make my hands blue (gloves)." HA! Only her.

Feeling very blessed to have made it to this point without any complications, especially since I was in the hospital at this time with Lily doing everything I could to keep her hanging out until 36 weeks.

All bets are on as to when this little guy will show but I'm sooooo thankful that my mom will be here next week just in case. Can't wait!


Life In Motion said...

you are glowing my friend.

and send lils over here and we'll get some camera love! ha :P

Mike and McGee said...

You look beautiful! I can't believe you are almost done! And if it makes you feel any better, we get the squinty-eyed, goofy-faced look from Meredith all the time too.

HazardsNParadise said...

You are always gorgeous..inside and out! we love and miss you all..xoxoxox