Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Where did June go?

My mom has been here to keep me and Lil occupied lately.
A really good thing.... otherwise I think I might be a little crazy at this point.
Being pregnant when it's 10000 degrees outside is just wrong.
And hitting 39 weeks after being told that there was no way I'd go past 38 weeks really kind of sucks.
She's helped to keep me off of my feet and able to vent away at the uglies of pregnancy that poor Mike doesn't want to hear about, which has made it all a little more tolerable.
Still, I'm ready, even though the reality of our little 3 becoming 4 is still slowly setting in.

Mike's been working really long, unpredictable hours and I'm so, so happy that the pressure is off of him to be around more so that I'm not spending these long days alone. He is too.

We've been getting a lot of projects done around the house that had been avoided for a long time.
Okay, I haven't, but my mom has. :) Thanks, mom!
The nursery is about 90% finished and I love it. It's exploding blue boyness.
So weird for us after years of pink, pink, pink.

And there have been a lot of other fun Grammy distractions going on too, some of which may have spoiled Lily forever.


She is really picking up on the fact that Jack will be here soon and is so excited... but it's frustrating for her too.
She's waited so long. Lots of diva moments.
Usually over why she can't wear her nightgown/princess costume/ dress that she's worn for 2 days out of the house.
Or because one of those things has been dirtied by a drop of water. Such a girly girl.
Or because she wants a "big bit" instead of a little one.
Ahhhhh.... 2.5.

She's been extra clingy with her favorite people lately.
So lucky to have these good, loving people in her life, especially right now
with such big change coming her way.

(Can you believe him?! Definition of a good kid. She's in love.)

We're just happy that she's so taken with the idea of becoming a big sister. She got a few pointers from Trent when we met his new sister, Olivia

I've known his daddy since before he was born. Our parents were high school buddies and we have pictures just like this of us--- so neat to see our kids together.

Perfect timing to be around such a new baby. She was beautiful! Lil squealed, ooh-ed and ahh-ed all over her. We talked a lot about how Jack would be the same size, make the same noises and would have a lot of the same needs. It was so good for her and thank you Eve and Jennifer for putting on a little shower for us--- so unbelievably sweet and thoughtful of you!

Last week, it was Big Sister prep time.
She decided to pick out Jack's version of "Bout," her favorite stuffed toy ever,
to take to the hospital.

She took this very seriously.
He had to be re=opened and stitched back up to achieve just the right amount of floppiness.

She's very proud of the final result and can't wait to give it to him.

Let's hope it's sometime in the next few days.
Or today.
Today would be good. :)

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