Thursday, July 23, 2009


me: "What's going on Lil?"
l: "My shirt is weeeeeeeeeeet! It's all dirty. I need to take it offfff! NOW!"
me: "No big deal, Lily. It'll dry soon."
l: "NO. I don't like it wet! I'm going to my closet to pick out a new CLO."

::appears downstairs wearing a (pink/dirty/too small/way too warm for 103 degrees) shirt

So yeah.... she's quirky. Always thinking... worrying... even about singular versus plural versions of words like clothes, where in her world, a single shirt would equal a clo. That brain never gets a rest.

She just never stops talking these days--- never. Even in her sleep. Which is why we've been getting daily calls from her pediatrician since we took Jack in for his 2 week appointment and mentioned all of this to him. He's been amazing and it looks like we might finally be on the path to helping her become a better sleeper. I hate that she suffers that way.

On the upside, she clearly loves Jack. She'll look at him and tell us "He's adorable!" When it's time to leave the house she'll ask "Is Jack coming?" She's great about grabbing whatever I need and looks out for him wherever she can. Just yesterday when watching me feed him, she told me "He wants to switch to the other side now, Mommy."

But... she's also needed a LOT of extra attention. She doesn't like when certain people hold Jack and uses those moments to get into things she shouldn't. She's had a lot of breakdowns too. She wants to be held by anyone who is willing. His screaming in the car drives her crazy. "Mommy, make him STOP-- he is SO LOUD!" That's especially interesting, since she seems to have lost all volume control. We expected all of this, but it's still hard. I say "this will all pass soon" out loud at least 20 times a day.

We're still getting into our groove as a family but I think we're doing pretty well. I'm still working on figuring out how to balance normal days with marathon nursing, but I know we'll get there. We actually joke that we might leave Jack behind someday he's so quiet and chill. He just fits and I'm pretty hooked.

I think we'll keep him. And her too. :)

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