Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where We're At

Dear Jack,

It's been only a little over a week since you entered the world, but to us it seems like you've been here forever. Your sweet calm nature is exactly what our little family needed and we can't imagine life without you.

Here are some things you're up to at 1 week, 2 days old:

- You're an amazing sleeper. No tight, clenched baby fists... you sleep with your arms raised over your head and legs spread out long. You often wake up with a smile. I found myself panicking when I woke up one night and realized you'd slept over 5 hours. Please keep this up. :)

- You've made nursing easy. I had such a tough time of it with your sister, so I worried a lot about how it would go with you.... Grandma has been here to spend time with Lily while you and I work at things and I'm so glad we've had the snuggle time. It's exactly why I needed her to be here. I'm so happy and feel so good about the way things are going. Even better, you're such a happy baby.

- You're wearing size newborn clothes and still have a little bit of room to grow. We'll find out tomorrow what you weigh-- at the last check-up, you were at 7lbs, 3oz.

- You are so aware of what your sister is up to. The minute you hear her voice, you turn your head to find her.

- You're a superbaby. Never have I seen such a tiny baby able to lift his head the way you do. You rolled over the day after we brought you home and scared us to death. Your determination seems very familiar--- I think you're going to be feisty like Lil.

- You love to be cuddled. You snuggle right up to us and rest your head on your arms.

- You had your first bath over the weekend and didn't make a peep until we took you out. So, so chill...just not when you're naked. I'm okay with that.

- You giggled in your sleep for the first time today. I was trying to balance you on the boppy and get my work done on my laptop at the same time. It was one of the first times I've really felt stressed since you came home... then... I heard "huh, huh, huh," looked down, and saw a huge grin on your face. Made my day. Thanks for that, buddy boy.

Truthfully, we were all nervous about how things would change around here once you arrived, but you sure are making it easy, sweet boy.

We love you and can't wait to see all of the changes-- little and big-- that the coming weeks bring.

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The Nowell's said...

Oh my goodness! These pictures of him are priceless - just so sweet! I am so glad to hear that all is going so well - what a blessing! His room is also just adorable! When I am ready to redo my oldest son's room - can you come help :)