Saturday, August 29, 2009


Wiped out by allergies. A sniffly, wheezy, watery eyed, pitiful mess. "Stuck" on the couch all morning long, snuggled up with Blanks and surrounded by princesses, books and stickers. Allowed to watch way more tv than would happen on any other day. Pretty thrilled about that but still grouchy. Unbelievably whiny.

With Jack down for a nap and you mesmerized by "Super Why," I went into my room to put away some laundry. I was gone for maybe 3 minutes and walked back into the living room to find you in the middle of a toy explosion.

I looked at you and asked "WHO MADE THIS MESS?"

Even in your Benadryl induced haze, without a second thought you looked me straight in the eyes, shook your head and said "Jack did it."

I don't think so, sister.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Up on my wall goes this one...

Totally making us into liars by refusing to show that big grin for Lyndsay's camera, but still managing to rock the bowtie.

He was way more interested in watching the airplanes zoom by overhead. Such a boy.

Friday, August 21, 2009

squishy and squinty.

What a pair.

I'm really hoping that squinty decides to start sleeping again soon. Day #3 of no nap and waking up in the middle of the night saying "good morning," despite me braving Texas tax free weekend to do laps with her around the mall.

The squishy one, who is usually a fantastic sleeper, started his Friday morning off at 2am. They may not be tired, but we sure are.

Monday, August 17, 2009

6 Weeks Old.

So darn sweet.

Laid back.

Not much fuss (except when he's hungry).

Loves to eat. Wants to all the time. Up 3 lbs at his 1m appointment. Weighed 10lbs, 11oz. Oink! :)

Thinks his Daddy is hilarious and smiles at the sound of his voice.

Is starting to make sweet cooing sounds and has a raspy voice just like his sister did.

Has a smile almost as wide as his sweet little face. No mistaking him for a girl. He is ALL boy.

Still laughs in his sleep (we wonder what he's thinking about) and is a pretty awesome sleeper.

Loves his sister and tries to grab at her face.

Just an all around joy to have in our family.

Love this boy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

2 and 3/4

Lily Bean. Buddy. Big Girl. Lil. Bug. Lovey. Buggaboo. Pumpkin. Lils. Sweetheart. Peanut. Lilapie. Stinkpot. Monkey. Love. Big Sister. Spazzy McGee. LILY KATE VAUGHN (!!!!)...

How in the world are you almost 3? I swear just yesterday you looked like this

But here you are... such a big girl with so much going on in your little world.


* Everything is a song... Daddy and I love to listen to you on the monitor when you play in your room and act out princess movies, providing the full soundtrack along the way. Ariel's got nothing on you.

* You ask me everyday if we can bake something together and it usually has to be pink. Or orange. "Pinkalicious" has convinced you that if you eat enough of something, your skin will turn its same color. You get disappointed when it doesn't happen.

* Something we're trying to instill in you right now: love your life, not your stuff

* The minute we put on your floaties, you're off and swimming to the opposite side of the pool.

* We are really, really working on inside and outside voices right now. The "ABC" song is sung 10000 times a day and can be heard throughout our neighborhood.

*You are testing us like crazy. When you don't get an answer you like, you collapse into a sobbing puddle or look us straight in the eyes and ask "why?!!" Despite efforts to help you branch out, you are very picky about what you eat. Sleep still isn't your favorite thing. You ant to do every.single.thing by yourself. Daddy and I are trying our best to stay patient because we love you so much and know this is all a big part of growing up.

* You get so excited over the smallest things and every stranger is a friend (this terrifies us).

* You still refuse to wear jeans and insist on dresses most days. Pink dresses. And nightgowns for naptime. We try to go with the flow and let you choose whatever you're comfy in. The battles that were happening over getting dressed were getting ugly. And loud.

* You cannot wait to start gymnastics and school next month and are soooo proud of your new backpack and lunchbox. It is, of course, pink with princesses.

* No more pullups in our house and we are thriiiiiiiiiilled!

* You love to read. Love it. The books in your room are overflowing and you've still managed to memorize every single one. We're starting to get into chapter books. You and I can hang for hours sipping Jamba Juice and pouring over pages at the book store. You love storytime at the library on Mondays ("uno, dos, tres, it's story time...").

* You're already talking about your birthday. Two things are musts according to you: Taryn and cake. :) You love your "very best" friend so much and talk about her every day.

*You've spent the last 2 Saturdays with Uncle Todd and Auntie Kris and it's made you so, so happy. You hop in their car without a second thought and wave goodbye with a big grin on your face... hours later, you're home giggly and full of stories about your time with them. Love that.

* Jack continues to be your "best brother." You come into our room in the morning and squeal when he opens his eyes and looks at you. You tell us that you've taught him to smile and are so proud each time he does.You are a wonderful, loving big sister and Daddy and I both agree that you add color to our lives like no one else could. You are so very loved, Lil.