Monday, August 17, 2009

6 Weeks Old.

So darn sweet.

Laid back.

Not much fuss (except when he's hungry).

Loves to eat. Wants to all the time. Up 3 lbs at his 1m appointment. Weighed 10lbs, 11oz. Oink! :)

Thinks his Daddy is hilarious and smiles at the sound of his voice.

Is starting to make sweet cooing sounds and has a raspy voice just like his sister did.

Has a smile almost as wide as his sweet little face. No mistaking him for a girl. He is ALL boy.

Still laughs in his sleep (we wonder what he's thinking about) and is a pretty awesome sleeper.

Loves his sister and tries to grab at her face.

Just an all around joy to have in our family.

Love this boy.

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