Saturday, August 29, 2009


Wiped out by allergies. A sniffly, wheezy, watery eyed, pitiful mess. "Stuck" on the couch all morning long, snuggled up with Blanks and surrounded by princesses, books and stickers. Allowed to watch way more tv than would happen on any other day. Pretty thrilled about that but still grouchy. Unbelievably whiny.

With Jack down for a nap and you mesmerized by "Super Why," I went into my room to put away some laundry. I was gone for maybe 3 minutes and walked back into the living room to find you in the middle of a toy explosion.

I looked at you and asked "WHO MADE THIS MESS?"

Even in your Benadryl induced haze, without a second thought you looked me straight in the eyes, shook your head and said "Jack did it."

I don't think so, sister.

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