Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big Day.

It's the one you've been waiting for since February when we first started talking about school.

You were so excited to wear your special "first day of school" dress made for you Grandma.

Daddy and I walked you in together thinking you might feel a little nervous in your new classroom, but the minute you were in the door, you ditched us for the playdoh.

We were surprised to find out that in a class of only 10, you'd be one of two Lilys. It was quickly decided that your (instantly loved) teachers, Miss Shelley and Miss Michelle, would call you Lily Kate to avoid any confusion.

You quickly made some new buddies and we knew that you would be okay. I felt good walking back to the car and even laughed at some of the weepy moms I passed by along the way. Then... as I put Jack in the car, it hit me. You are growing up so, so fast. And I'll admit it-- it made me sad. I cried. Funny how milestones like this can be so bittersweet.

At the end of the day when Jack and I came to pick you up, you ran to me and squealed. You grabbed your backpack and lunch box and proudly showed off your new water fountain drinking skills. Once we were in the car, you announced that your favorite part of school was playing outside on the swings and the slide...

and the not-so-great part was when they tried to get you down for a nap.

Big surprise

I can't believe you're a preschooler. Happy 1st day, big girl.

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