Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No way.

Seriously. How in the world have 3 months passed by so quickly?

Such a joy this little boy is.

Once eager to rush through the infant stage, I find myself wanting to drag my feet at this point.... to hold on to every bit of his cuddly, grabby, just ready to laugh, drooly-ness.

My experience before was that things really began to be fun closer to one, but this guy has made me a fan of babies. That whole "sleep like a baby" thing? I get it now. So does Mike. We stop at least once every day and say "is he a good baby or what?!"

I'm amazed at how much personality one little person can possess at 3 months old. He growls and plays "dinosaur" with his daddy. He is thrilled to get Lil's attention. He sends her into giggling fits with his squeals while we read together. (I'm pretty sure we're going to have another book lover in our house.) He babbles and coos constantly and is so darn expressive. He just makes us laugh.

Squishy little man. He rocks those arm and leg rolls.

We can't get enough of him.


Life In Motion said...

I have $12.50 cash. Hand him over!!!!

Alli said...