Sunday, November 8, 2009

An American Girl

The countdown to 3 officially started this weekend with a much anticipated trip to American Girl Place in Dallas.

It's something that my mom and I have talked about doing with her since I first found out that I was having a girl.

They walked around the store trying to find the perfect doll. We tried to persuade her to go for one of the babies aimed at kids her age, but she wasn't having it. She wanted a "big girl" and ended up picking out one that looks just like her. Meet "Taryn."

Lil, of course, was in heaven. Jack was pretty much the only boy in the place. He was his usual chill self and didn't seem to mind.

We took Taryn upstairs to eat lunch in the sweet and VERY pink restaurant above the store. Adorable. Each doll had its own chair and the girls all sipped on pink lemonade.

She pretended to be embarrassed when the staff came over to sing "Happy Birthday," but we knew better.

She was thrilled.

Oh, my funny little girly girl. She gives us a run for our money pretty much day, but man do we love her.

Can't believe we are in the final days of 2--- AND that we've survived it! :)

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