Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lights up and we're out.

For weeks, Lil has been asking "Is it Christmas time YET?" And yesterday, she finally got the answer she was looking for.

"It is, kiddo."

After I spent the (very) early morning braving the Black Friday crowds, down went the fall decorations and up went our Christmas lights. Christmas music blaring in the background, the garland and the lights were hung inside and things were moved around to make way for this year's tree.

For the second year, we made it to Georgetown to watch the tree lighting festivities. I love that place. It is so quaint and down home. We listened to carolers sing on the steps of city hall and when Santa was introduced (in a red cowboy hat, no less-- so Texas), Lily made a mad dash up the stairs towards him. Mike managed to power through the crowd and grab her before she made it to the big guy... we laughed but I was dying. That girl has no fear and it scares the heck out of me.

So today, we're off on our second annual tree hunt. Last year was rainy and full of "I'm diiiiirty!" breakdowns, but we don't care. Even if the experience is similar and the drive there is crazy, tonight our tree lights will twinkle as we sit together drinking hot chocolate and watching "Polar Express," and I'll be happy that we did it.

These traditions that we've started are our gifts to our kids. To ourselves. They are what as teenagers will make the two of them roll their eyes even though they secretly look forward to going. Someday, I hope, they'll see something that reminds them of these times we spent together and smile. I will.

Family tree, here we come!

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