Friday, November 27, 2009


Plans that began with a week-long trip to California changed into a small dinner with friends.... and then a dinner with extended family and a bunch of their friends.... and then, a simple dinner at home with my sister and brother-in-law.

With two small kids in our house now (including a certain someone who has been nursing every 2 hours for the past 5 (!!!) weeks), Mike and I have realized that this is probably just how things are going to roll for us for at least a little while.

It was our first official family Thanksgiving at home. Todd and Kristin cooked and brought pretty much the entire meal over here... our house was a delicious hodge podge of smells. Thankful doesn't come close to describing to how we feel about having them so close by. My kids' lives are better because they are such a big part of them. We just really enjoyed spending the day together. They make us laugh.

I kept thinking about how last year, Thanksgiving marked the beginning of my pregnancy. It was strange to stare at my almost 5-month-old and realize how much changes of the course of a year. My heart swells thinking about how fortunate we are to have 2 healthy babies... and to see them interact more and more every day.... well, I'm not sure if I can put into words how amazing that is for me.

My husband gets a big fat fail in the romance department (sorry, bud) but he when it all comes down to it, I know confidently that he would do anything for me. He knows me better than anyone and man, he makes me laugh.

Thanksgiving Day or not, I know how fortunate I am to have my beautiful family. I'm thankful for how my mom has managed to stick close and offer me support even though she's so far away. And more and more, I have an appreciation for our longtime friends who allow us to be real with them and support us so much even when things get tough. I cherish those friendships.

I am so very thankful for life and all the love that happens along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

(and hey, they aren't pretty, but check me out, Bakerella!)

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