Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Mighty Green Dinosaurs

Lil is the lone chick on her soccer team of 10 very energetic and LOUD 3-year-olds.

She insists on wearing pants over her shin guards since "they look weirdish." You know.... because THAT doesn't look weird at all. HA.

She'll forget about the whole no hands thing until her coach yells "HOT POTATO!"

After she makes a goal, she does a little dance and waves her hands in the air. Sometimes she'll look over at us to make sure that we're watching or she'll run over to Jack and say "Did you see me do that, buddy?!!!"

When she misses.... it's a drama puddle on the floor. Tonight at practice, one of the boys ran over her puddle and she now has a black and blue cheek. Apparently we have some work to do in learning about good sportsmanship.

She's less than thrilled with the team colors. I've promised to meet her in the middle and make her a hair bow with green, black and pink.

That girl.

This weekend begins almost 2 months of soccer game Saturday mornings for us.

Go Green Dinos!

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