Saturday, February 27, 2010

the only time pink is not a good thing when it is in your eye. Or so we've learned in the past week.

Lily refused to believe that something so horribly gooey, so disgustingly crusty and swollen could ever be called "Pink Eye." In fact, she was horrified. "Mommy, pink is too beautiful to be so boogery. It is NOT Pink Eye. It is Booger Eye."

And so, from then on, we all did our best to avoid the dreaded Booger Eye. Just keeping it real.

The promise of rescue helicopters, airplanes and birthday cake saved us fom eye drop hell. She was determined to make it to Colin's birthday party. He is one of her best buds because "he has really cool firefighter rain boots" AND he helps his daddy fly airplanes.

We spent a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning (BE free!) at his parents' hangar checking out their planes and exploring different rescue helicopters throughout the airport. So, so cool.

Notice below how close Lily was to that helicopter pilot? She refused to get into the picture unless she could sit next to him. It was love.

She's become convinced that piloting might be something that she'll want to do when she grows up. She and Mike are ready to sign up for lessons.

Now, anyone who knows me well knows that I am a big chicken when it comes to flying, so this completely freaks me out. Still, I told her that if it's what she wants to do, I know she can.

Colin's dad says that he can de-chicken-ify me with one flight up in his itty bitty plane. Thanks but no thanks. Despite the continued threat of BE, I'm happy right here on the ground. :)

(Thank you for the gorgeous dress, mom! Love you.)

built like a mack truck

Our poor little chubalicious has his 5th double ear infection.

That smile makes it hard to believe that he's suffering, doesn't it? Such a sweet, fun kid. A powerhouse... pulling up onto everything and moving constantly.

His pediatrician calls him "sturdy" and he IS. I had taken Lily in for something completely unrelated and had no idea that Jack was in pain. I felt awful. Thankfully, the doctor was on top of things.

So, this week we'll be heading to an ENT to get an ear tube consult.... not the best news, but we're happy that he'll feel some relief soon. It hurts my heart to think that he's been suffering.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

mama down.

I've been miserable... terribly, unable to get off of the couch sick. So much so that Mike had to cancel a weekend trip to stay home and take care of me and our two stinkerpots.

Sure, it may look like an easy job, but one of them has been extra dramatic lately. The other one has been channeling Evil Canevil.

I'm pretty confident I would not have survived the weekend without Mike...and Zpack. I have major love for whoever created that stuff. ::Crossing my fingers that no one else in our family gets sick::

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

after naptime

Lily: I had trouble going to sleep today.

Me: Why?

Lily: (frowns) I kept thinking about my fur.

Me: Ummm.... what fur?

Lily: The fur that I'm growing. Just like daddy.

Me: Can you show me?

Lily: (hiking up her pants over her ankles and proudly pointing to some super tiny, barely visible blond hair on her legs) See? I'm furry just like Dad.

Nice. So just in case you were wondering, Sasquatch has been found. He and his daughter live with me.

Friday, February 12, 2010

party tricks

... and just before we left to pick up Lily from school, I sat Jack in his favorite spot by our front door to watch the rain while I ran to get his carseat.

I came back to this seconds later and my heart stopped.

Would it be totally unreasonable of me to always keep him in a helmet and kneepads? Or... does anyone know where I can find a roll of bubblewrap big enough to cushion my entire house?

I think we're going to need it.


Wednesday morning, I sent Lil and Mike out the door to her school's Daddy Donut Breakfast feeling accomplished.... Valentines and a salt dough project to share with her entire class were in hand.

Never mind that Tuesday had been a crazy crafting frenzy (hello, procrastination!). Lily personalized each Valentine with a drawing of its recipient and signed them with her signature "L." So, so cute.

She was very proud of the final outcome...

and that makes me happy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

they totally heart art.

Meet our Valentine's tree. To some, it may look Charlie Brown-esque, but when we look at it, we just see a whole lot of love.

Lily started off solo on this particular project, but I could tell that Jack felt left out. So... I gave him some prunes.

I figured it was the next best thing to paint.

Little man went to town.

Lil took a break from the tree to paint along with Jack.

He watched and taste tested.

"See that, Jack? It says I love my baby brother."

After naptime today, this guy will have some sparkly salt dough ornaments.

Charlie Brown tree no more!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

celebrating the boy

So excited about this. I love that these women are spending the month on all things creative and boyish.

I adore having a boy but will admit to letting out a big sigh every time I walk through the ruffly, sweet, massive sea of baby girl clothing to get to the puny section of dinosaur/sports/animal themed boy stuff.

I am incredibly lucky to have a mom who sews. Let the boy crafting begin!!!