Saturday, February 27, 2010

the only time pink is not a good thing when it is in your eye. Or so we've learned in the past week.

Lily refused to believe that something so horribly gooey, so disgustingly crusty and swollen could ever be called "Pink Eye." In fact, she was horrified. "Mommy, pink is too beautiful to be so boogery. It is NOT Pink Eye. It is Booger Eye."

And so, from then on, we all did our best to avoid the dreaded Booger Eye. Just keeping it real.

The promise of rescue helicopters, airplanes and birthday cake saved us fom eye drop hell. She was determined to make it to Colin's birthday party. He is one of her best buds because "he has really cool firefighter rain boots" AND he helps his daddy fly airplanes.

We spent a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning (BE free!) at his parents' hangar checking out their planes and exploring different rescue helicopters throughout the airport. So, so cool.

Notice below how close Lily was to that helicopter pilot? She refused to get into the picture unless she could sit next to him. It was love.

She's become convinced that piloting might be something that she'll want to do when she grows up. She and Mike are ready to sign up for lessons.

Now, anyone who knows me well knows that I am a big chicken when it comes to flying, so this completely freaks me out. Still, I told her that if it's what she wants to do, I know she can.

Colin's dad says that he can de-chicken-ify me with one flight up in his itty bitty plane. Thanks but no thanks. Despite the continued threat of BE, I'm happy right here on the ground. :)

(Thank you for the gorgeous dress, mom! Love you.)

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