Tuesday, March 30, 2010

holy cow

Because we live in Texas, we do things like ride horses to the grocery store and say "yeeeeehaw."

Okay, not really... but there are a few friends of ours in California who think we live that way.

We don't. I swear. Our kids are pretty citified... sometimes I think maybe even too much so.

Which is why when something like the Austin Rodeo happens, we jump on the chance for them to get a glimpse of life on the other side.

Lil was enthralled by the dairy farmer. She can't drink cow's milk, and was quick to ask "Where do they keep the soy cows?" HA.

"Mama, is this a DRAMA llama?" She adores those books. She got right in there with the animals and did fine until they started crowding her. I didn't blame her for bolting.

Jack and I watched from the outside. He taunted the goats with his puffs. Stinker.

And Lily asked Mike the question he always knew was coming: "Daddy, can I get a pony?"

It was hot, so we eventually left to check out the carnival side of the rodeo, stopping along the way to get a snack. In a place with every junk food imaginable, Lily had no interest. She wanted bread.

Bread? I love that weirdo.

We got drinks instead and stopped to feed Jack, who needed a sweet potato fix.

Poor lil man was miserable with teething, so he and I found a shady spot and watched Mike and Lil head for the rides.

Her squeals could be heard from miles away.

Heights freak me out but our girl was unfazed. She actually wanted to go on the roller coaster that continually spins upside down in a loop. No way, bud.

It was a wonderful day... so wonderful, in fact, that Lil passed out at 5:30 that night and didn't wake up until the following morning. Jack was out shortly after...

Mike and I had the entire evening to ourselves. Pretty awesome. Thank you, rodeo! :)

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