Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the warm and fuzzies?

Lily has always been a friendly kid... almost overly so. Do you know that we have not even one Santa/ Easter Bunny/ Disney character freak out shot for her?

The only time she has gotten close to being spooked was at her school breakfast with Santa. When we asked her why she had been upset, she replied "because he was wearing glasses and that was not right." Okay, Miss Fashionista.

::plops herself on his lap:: "Hi, Easter Bunny! I'm Lily Kate Vaughn... but you knew that. Do you like my dress?"

Being that Jack is a friendly kid too, we figured his experience would be the same. In fact, when he first sat down, he was so distracted by Grandma that he didn't even notice whose lap he had been placed on.

But then, he looked up and wanted OFF.

This was more than enough for his sister. She hopped down, more concerned that such behavior would affect the number of eggs in her Easter basket.

And this poor guy was left to fend for himself.

As my mom pointed out when we left, "he's just not a fan of stuffed animals."

Very true.

Better luck next year. :)

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Sheryle said...

I especially like the look on the Easter Bunny's face, "what's up"?? What a crack up.