Thursday, March 18, 2010

the zoo, zoo, zoo

There was no school for Lil on Wednesday since it's Spring Break around here, so we got decked out in green and headed out early.

It was a good plan, except that we forgot that there were a zillion other kids who were also not in school.... and pretty much all of them were at the zoo too.

The crowds didn't ruin our day, though. Lil and Jack are in Grandma heaven. I'm pretty happy to have her here too, especially since Mike has been out of town.

While we were there, we discovered that Lily does a mean elephant impression.

Pretty impressive, huh? :)

She was most excited about the aquarium.

Jack was mesmerized by all of the fish too. From the moment that we walked into the exhibit, he squealed and squeaked. People were cracking up.

It was his first official trip to the zoo and we loved watching his reaction to all of the animals. The kid doesn't miss a thing. He is such a riot.

Being there together was so much fun.

This morning as we looked over our snapshots from the trip, Lily saw this one and said "I make one beaaaaaaaautiful butterfly!"

I'm extremely concerned about her self esteem. :)

Hello, lovely Spring! Please stick around for awhile.

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