Monday, April 5, 2010

3/4 big boy

You are 9 months old today, and for me, that is way too close to 1.

You are so curious. Smart. FUNNY.

You love to be around people but sometimes pretend to be shy. You clap and wave all the time. When you don't get a response from the person you're waving at, you make sure that they hear you.

You squeal at the sight of your sister after she has left the room and are relentless in following her around and wanting to do whatever she is doing.

You are obsessed with the vacuum. It's out a lot these days since you pick up and try to eat the tiniest things you find on the floor. You follow me around while I clean and get upset when I won't let you ride it. Goofball.

You are a mover... up the stairs, from one room to another... you are cruising around our house at a speed that continually makes me a nervous wreck. I still want that helmet.

Your laugh is contagious. You laugh so easily and with your whole little body. You often laugh so hard that you have to stop and catch your breath. It makes ME laugh.

You are toothless no more. Boy oh boy have we had a rough few weeks.... hardly any sleep and a ton of fussing... your face is changing so quickly.

You are still nursing and I am so proud that we've made it this far. You are ALL about eating finger foods on your own, though. You could eat your weight (20lbs, 14oz and 29in tall) in puffs.

You do not like to sleep. Lately, I'm lucky if you take 2 naps a day, and those are often only 30 minutes. The nights are very long. I remind myself a lot that this will not last forever.

You're LOUD. Dadadadada is your favorite at the moment, with Lala a close second. You identify us when asked and often call out to Daddy and Lily (Lala) by name. I mostly only hear mama when you wake up at night or when you're upset. Stinker.

You snuggle, hug and I swear that you've started giving slobbery kisses. You're a lover.

So much has changed in you these last few months but one thing that we have known from the beginning remains the same:

You have such a good heart, my sweet Jack.

Love you.

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MissSAM said...

What a handsome cutie. Thank you for keeping up the blog, it's wonderful and the girls all see it too. We like the occasional video too!. Grama Sheryle