Wednesday, April 21, 2010

brown thumb no more

I won't pretend that I know a thing about gardening. In fact, my husband teases that this is the place where plants are brought to die. Nice, huh?

This project started back in February, when the weather was still cold and rainy. Lily wants to know how everything works right now, including plants. "Mama, what do they eat? Why do they need water? How does the sun help? What do leaves do? Why do they change colors?"

We saved glass pasta sauce and baby food jars, plastic orange juice containers and anything else that would give her a visual of what happens down in that dirt.

We planted green beans, tomatoes, carrots and all kinds of herbs. They had a temporary home on our dining room table and the sprouts came up fast. Lily spent each morning watering "our babies," exclaiming over how much they had grown, singing to them and asking questions about their roots (I totally had to Google a few times).

As soon as we were sure that the warm weather was here to stay, we transferred them outside. Winter was so long and dreary.... it's so nice to be soaking up sunshine now!

She has taken this very seriously and is just fascinated by it all. I love her enthusiasm. She would be shocked to learn that not everyone gardens in a tutu.

Jack has sampled more dirt than I'd like to think about. I'm fairly certain it won't be the last time.

We now look out our kitchen window to a happy, green, growing garden... and I really want to attempt a bean teepee next. Is that cool or what? I'm so doing it.

I really hope that gardening becomes second nature to all of us. It's been such a fun way to spend time together and we're excited about the end result. I'm already dreaming of summertime salsa. YUM.

Have a wonderful Earth Day, everyone!

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