Sunday, April 4, 2010

life is egg-celent

We've found a constant in having two young children.... even the grandest of plans can and will come undone in an instant.

Long planned egg hunts will be rescheduled to the front lawn when babies (and their parents) get cranky and overtired, skinned elbows will turn even the best brunch into a stressful one, a visit to church will be especially challenging when neither child is willing to stop playing with goodies from the Easter Bunny and even the fanciest dress isn't so fancy once it has been used as a handkerchief.

What would life be without them? I can't even imagine... and with that, I choose to savor the good moments instead of dwelling on the bad.

Tie dyed hands from coloring eggs, following the bunny's trail to the much anticipated basket, squealing over fancy gloves and a half eaten carrot, stopping the car to twirl and crawl through a field of spring wildflowers.... this is what I hope they'll look back on and remember fondly.

It's my prayer today that through the ups and down, we continue to look at our children with the love and respect that they teach us everyday... to not let stress or negativity trickle down to them.... to make the most of our time with them so that they learn to really embrace life and all that it offers.

"Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life." ~S.D. Gordon

Although this life may not be picture perfect, it is a gift and we are so amazingly blessed.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter!

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Tabitha said...

Awww Alli! I love it! This post made me smile and you are right... this is the stuff life is made of!

Because of this post, you were caught Dancing in the Rain!