Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cinco de jack

He is 10 months old today. I know I say this every month, but this time I'm really serious: please make him stop.

My boy is still deliciously squishy. And quite stuffy, too. His nose is driving him crazy. I think he's about to get a few more teeth... the 2 he has are not sufficient in helping him to eat that steak we've been promising.

Nothing is safe in our house. Nothing. We have makeshift barriers everywhere. He is particularly interested in shoestrings, cords, drawers, wires and outlets. It totally freaks me out.

He still adores his sister, but she is easily frustrated by him and how he "gets in my stuff." When she takes something away from him, he lets us know. He's pretty feisty.

He talks to Mickey Mouse. Loves baths. Hates clothes. Knows instinctively how to make a car noise and pushes things across the room while making said noise. Loves to eat. Eats pretty much everything we do right now. Has a major fondness for sweet potato bites. And pizza crust.

And at the risk of totally jinxing things.... he has become a fan of sleep again, but not without effort. Mike and I committed to one full week of working on his sleep and it has totally paid off. We now have 2 children sleeping all night and the evenings are ours again. Fabulous doesn't even describe it. We're all happier and healthier. I don't miss this scene at all:

We've started planning his "big" party but he'll have a few with family before that happens.... lots of visitors in the next month or so. We are all excited.

He gives us so much to celebrate.

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