Sunday, May 2, 2010

the standard

When we met, I considered her a kid....because I was a whopping 4 years older and wiser. I was also in charge of her, since she was one of the kids at the summer camp where I worked. I was 21 and very important. :)

A year or so passed and she was suddenly my neighbor, living on a little island off of San Diego and working as an assistant in my office. We had nothing in common and I won't claim to even know how it ever happened, but somewhere along the way we became family.

Over a decade later her friendship continues to be extraordinary. It is without competition or jealousy. It is about the kind of honesty that sometimes stings but ends up being appreciated later. She is the most real person I know and makes me laugh until I cry. We just go waaaaaaaay back and she has been there for me in the good, bad and (very) ugly.

I can only hope that my kids are lucky enough to have the same type of friendships in their lives. Ours sets the standard high.

Love you, Kace. Thanks for a wonderful weekend!

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