Sunday, May 9, 2010

to my mom

It wasn't always this way.
There were many years... mostly when I was a teenager... that I clashed 98% of the time with her.
Even while I was in college, we weren't all that close.
But then something happened, and she became one of my best friends.
I think it's because I finally appreciated her concern for me. Valued it.
I get where she was coming from even so much more now.

I'm sorry that it took me so long, mom!
Remind me of all of this when Lily is a teenager, okay? :)


You are the most thoughtful person I know.
* You remember and acknowledge every important (and even not-so-important) date and always make people feel special because of that.That is something I really aspire to.... and to have a house as clean as you have always managed. :)
* You have amazing, longtime friendships and are so very loved.
* You look fantastic.
* You make me a better mom.
* You help me with the projects that no one else wants to take on... and you make sure they get finished.
* You make me stronger. The morning that I had Jack, when I looked at you terrified and told you what was happening, you held my hand, rubbed my forehead and (even though I know you were also terrified) said confidently "You can do this."
* You continue to teach me about the joy of creativity and the value of knowing how to do things on your own.

* You have been a cheerleader of my kids (and me)from the minute you found out I was pregnant. Thank you for always being so encouraging and for loving them so deeply. I love when you say "they are my heart." I know that's true. You're an amazing grandma.
* You visit often but are always so respectful not to overstep.... you manage to give us space while you're here and spoil the kids with attention and love, and you are so much help. You remind Mike and I to laugh more. You come at the times when you're really needed. I love your visits.

* You put so much thought into the packages you send Jack and Lily. Lily opens them and squeals "How did she know??!!" You just do.
* You listen to me like no one else does.
* We have so much fun together.

Thank you for being the wonderful, amazing mom that you are.
I love you!
Wish that we could be together today to celebrate.

Happy Mother's Day!

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