Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what a difference a (school) year makes

Eight months ago, I was balancing a newborn on one arm and a baby faced girl on the other.

Man, how quickly things change.

Yes, she is incredibly taller.... but she has grown in so many different ways.

On this last day of school, she played "beauty shop" with her best school friend, Ella, was bitten on the finger by her arch enemy/ love, Danny, learned a new song in music class and by the time I came to pick her up, she had already blabbed to each of her teachers what she had picked out for them as thank you gifts. Such a character, that girl.

School has been so amazing for her... I love that kids this young can form such strong bonds with each other. We have made some great friends in this experience.

And today, while she graduated from her two-year-old class, my dad, her Pop, officially graduated from college. She video chatted with him once she got home and excitedly asked him "are you done TOO?" She told me later that she is proud of him. I am too... of both of them.

Hello, summer!

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The Nowell's said...

Very cute! I too can't believe what all happens in a school year! I hope you have a great summer - and hopfully we can get together - let me know how your June looks and let's get a day planned!