Monday, May 3, 2010

wild woman

This child.

She is a mess. A big one.

She flew through the kitchen this afternoon with a wooden train whistle in her hand, announcing that she was off to "scare away some pesky birds!"

She may or may not have heard this from me... those stinkin' birds have infiltrated our very high front porch overhang and refuse to go away. It's driving me batty.


not even 2 minutes later I hear a crash against our glass storm door and a very loud scream.... I fly around the corner and find blood gushing out of her mouth. She tells me that her tooth feels "wiggly." I check and it is.

According to her dentist, this should resolve itself (really?). I however, am in need of a very long bath now that she and her brother are in bed. A margarita might be good too.

Whew. I love that girl but she sure does wear me out.

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