Saturday, July 10, 2010

not party pictures :P

Just a quick catch up.... a ridiculous amount of random pictures to share.

Many hot mornings spent at the splash park with friends.

The much anticipated arrival of the carousel at our local mall.

Hanging out with the babies of one of my high school bffs. So, so fun to see them all together!

Spoiled by grandma once again at American Girl Place.... this time Taryn went to the doll hair salon.

Hamming it up with ballet buds.

Meeting the star of one of our favorite books. Jack wanted no part of this. I kind of don't blame him.

A fun trip to the Dallas World Aquarium with Nana and Grandpa. SO cool!

Swim lessons that started out ugly but have quickly paid off. So proud of her.

A little boy with waaaaaaaaay too much speed and not enough fear.

Pizza, train rides and Jack's first game of skeeball. He has skills.

And finally, total and complete pony love. She wants one to live in our backyard.

I warned you... random.

My laptop has been collecting dust when I'm not working, which I think is a very good thing. I like it like this... being outside and extra busy, spending time with good friends and family. Isn't that what summertime is all about?

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cupcake monkey said...

Girl!!! Where are the party pictures?? Why are you holding out on us?? :P