Wednesday, August 4, 2010

little sparklers

It only took me a month....

Better late than never, right?!

It's just been that kind of summer, really.


The 4th. Jack's birthday eve at our house.

Fireworks will forever equal a flashback of labor for me.

My little firecrackers slept through their daddy's entire pyrotechnics extravaganza.

I really have no idea how.... at several points, I ran to hit the deck and take cover.

Mike and my brother-in-law take that stuff seriously. Harry Potters 1 & 2. They even ran out to buy a second round "big finale."

All of our neighbors were outside in lawn chairs putting on their own shows, watching ours, and egging on the boys. Hysterical.

And with that....BAM! Our baby boy was one.

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cupcake monkey said...

Ack! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous babies!! I really wish you still lived here!! :)