Saturday, August 14, 2010

pizza party

Another wild and crazy Friday night at our house.

Pizza and a movie. The big time. She chose "Wall-e."

She's been extra snuggly, worried about our boy, who is still getting over an ear infection that literally had him screaming for days and bleeding from his right ear. Poor baby. Stinkin non-working tubes.

She was just a tad annoyed that her brother was more interested in pulling around his little wagon instead of watching along with her.... "Jack, I CAN'T HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!"

It's funny how quickly her eye rolls turn into laughing fits, though. Her goofball baby brother cracks her up.

Since the weekdays pull us in such different directions, it was just so nice to just be home, together, relaxing in our comfy stuff.

I love a good pizza party.

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