Saturday, February 19, 2011

ballerina girl

I gave in on my rule about choosing only 1 activity at a time when Lily came home from school right before Christmas and told us "I just feel so happy when I dance!" Right then and there I promised to enroll her in her old ballet class once the new year came around. 


And so between ballet and gymnastics, she's spent the last 6 weeks with extremely happy- and busy- feet.

She is doing things that we once worried she wouldn't be able to. The girl loves to twirl.

Monday marked the end of an era--- Lil's last class with sweet Ms. Tracy, who has been such a positive influence. She encouraged us to move Lily on to a progressive class, so we did. She is soooo excited.

The new class starts next week and will lead up to a recital in June on a "real stage with CURTAINS and COSTUMES!!" Such a ham. 

It seems that our girl has fallen in love with dance. 

Her mama is just a tad thrilled to see her getting so much joy from something that I loved too. 

And although we are all incredibly proud of her, her baby brother might possibly be her #1 fan.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

be mine

Our dining room floor has been covered in pink and red sparkles since last week, when Valentine's Day literally exploded all over our house.

Lil has been hard at work making cards for every single one of her friends, teachers, gymnastics coaches and dance teachers..... along with invitations to celebrate her 5th birthday, which happens to be in November. Goofball.

She ended up using picture cards for her classmates (autographed and bedazzled on the back, and a chocolate heart stuck on the front, an homage to her beloved "Lily's Chocolate Heart" book) and Barbie cards for everyone else.

Jack had some help with his. I did too.... on both of theirs... so thankful for all of the creative ideas out there in internet-land. 

Her daddy surprised her with pink roses at her class party.

They ate strawberries and heart shaped cookies, wore love crowns, read stories and sang "I'm a Teeny Tiny Valentine for You."

Ridiculously cute.

One of her buddies had a Valentine's Party later in the week.


Crazy cuteness all over again.

But what they were both the most excited about was the special breakfast with Daddy at the end of the week.

Donuts AND Daddy... doesn't get much better than that. 

I've never been much of a Valentines-ish girl, but they've got me changing my tune. Little lovers. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

an earful

We've always left this one up to her and the answer has always been an emphatic "NO," Or, quite recently after watching another little girl have it done, it was "When I'm 5... or 15."

And then.... out of the blue yesterday, once the snow had melted, she announced that she was ready.


Before we knew it, we were on our way as promised, and...

Our girl, who has been referred to as a drama queen once or twice (we love you, Lil), didn't even flinch when she was told that it might "feel like a shot." She marched right into the store, picked out a pair of "sparkly" pink earrings and sat in the chair, excited and nervous....

and there were no tears until after we told her it was over, but they didn't last long.

I wasn't that brave when I had the same thing done at her age. There might have even been screaming involved. I'm pretty sure I had to be bribed with ice cream. 

None of that for her, though. There was a lot of smiling and staring in the mirror. She had done it.

After it was all over, we celebrated her bravery over frozen yogurt before dinner.... because we're wild and crazy like that.

And maybe because we all have major love for the stuff. 

There's no doubt about it.... she is officially a big girl.

And she's got the ears to prove it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

may all your valentine's days be white

Since this is the second year in a row that we've seen snow close to Valentine's Day, my daughter is convinced that it just goes along with the holiday. Hearts, love and snow. Makes sense to me. 

In fact, I kind of love that. So her.

She has been telling us for weeks that it would happen and I'm so glad that it did.

She was the last one to wake up. It was a grouchy wakeup.... that is, until I opened her window and she looked outside. I'm sure our neighbors heard her squeal "YEEEEEEEEESSS! SNOOOOOOW!"

I loved today. ALL of us were off on an official snow day.

It was a constant cycle of coming in the house to sit by the fire and then out again once the feeling had returned to our fingers and toes.

We didn't ditch the pjs that we wore under our coats until 4pm, when most of the snow had already melted.

We had fun.... laughed until we cried at our crazy boy, who fell face first into the snow and only began to fuss when we brought him inside to make sure no damage had been done.

He'd have stayed outside all day long if we'd let him.

He took time to taste a couple of flakes. They got an "mmmmmmmm!"

And the realization that not only was this fabulous white stuff fun to run in but it could be shaped into a ball.... well, that pretty much blew his mind.

Such a fun day.

And just in case it doesn't happen again any time soon, we've got a couple of snowballs stored away in our freezer. According to our girl, "we might need them one day."  I guess you never know. :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


7am, 18 degrees, a freezing house with no power, and 2 kids who are not fans of the dark= just a little bit of a crazy, hectic morning.

I am feeling especially thankful tonight to be in my warm, safe home....

something I hope my babies never, ever take for granted.