Saturday, February 19, 2011

ballerina girl

I gave in on my rule about choosing only 1 activity at a time when Lily came home from school right before Christmas and told us "I just feel so happy when I dance!" Right then and there I promised to enroll her in her old ballet class once the new year came around. 


And so between ballet and gymnastics, she's spent the last 6 weeks with extremely happy- and busy- feet.

She is doing things that we once worried she wouldn't be able to. The girl loves to twirl.

Monday marked the end of an era--- Lil's last class with sweet Ms. Tracy, who has been such a positive influence. She encouraged us to move Lily on to a progressive class, so we did. She is soooo excited.

The new class starts next week and will lead up to a recital in June on a "real stage with CURTAINS and COSTUMES!!" Such a ham. 

It seems that our girl has fallen in love with dance. 

Her mama is just a tad thrilled to see her getting so much joy from something that I loved too. 

And although we are all incredibly proud of her, her baby brother might possibly be her #1 fan.

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