Sunday, February 13, 2011

be mine

Our dining room floor has been covered in pink and red sparkles since last week, when Valentine's Day literally exploded all over our house.

Lil has been hard at work making cards for every single one of her friends, teachers, gymnastics coaches and dance teachers..... along with invitations to celebrate her 5th birthday, which happens to be in November. Goofball.

She ended up using picture cards for her classmates (autographed and bedazzled on the back, and a chocolate heart stuck on the front, an homage to her beloved "Lily's Chocolate Heart" book) and Barbie cards for everyone else.

Jack had some help with his. I did too.... on both of theirs... so thankful for all of the creative ideas out there in internet-land. 

Her daddy surprised her with pink roses at her class party.

They ate strawberries and heart shaped cookies, wore love crowns, read stories and sang "I'm a Teeny Tiny Valentine for You."

Ridiculously cute.

One of her buddies had a Valentine's Party later in the week.


Crazy cuteness all over again.

But what they were both the most excited about was the special breakfast with Daddy at the end of the week.

Donuts AND Daddy... doesn't get much better than that. 

I've never been much of a Valentines-ish girl, but they've got me changing my tune. Little lovers. :)

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chillerynyc said...

Your blog always makes me much love! Your words, your pictures...awwwww! Pure joy and such amazing memories! Love u, Al