Saturday, February 5, 2011

an earful

We've always left this one up to her and the answer has always been an emphatic "NO," Or, quite recently after watching another little girl have it done, it was "When I'm 5... or 15."

And then.... out of the blue yesterday, once the snow had melted, she announced that she was ready.


Before we knew it, we were on our way as promised, and...

Our girl, who has been referred to as a drama queen once or twice (we love you, Lil), didn't even flinch when she was told that it might "feel like a shot." She marched right into the store, picked out a pair of "sparkly" pink earrings and sat in the chair, excited and nervous....

and there were no tears until after we told her it was over, but they didn't last long.

I wasn't that brave when I had the same thing done at her age. There might have even been screaming involved. I'm pretty sure I had to be bribed with ice cream. 

None of that for her, though. There was a lot of smiling and staring in the mirror. She had done it.

After it was all over, we celebrated her bravery over frozen yogurt before dinner.... because we're wild and crazy like that.

And maybe because we all have major love for the stuff. 

There's no doubt about it.... she is officially a big girl.

And she's got the ears to prove it.

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