Friday, April 1, 2011


Absolutely cannot wait to be 5. Recently learned how to swing by yourself. Spontaneously pirouette in the aisles at Target. Share your life story with people you've just met. Want your room to be purple, which now ranks right up there with pink. Use your hands to talk. Remember the teeniest details of even the most insignificant event.  Are walking, breathing "puppies and rainbows." Have started to recognize words and write them without any drama. Love flip-flops, nightgowns and twirly skirts. Hate the idea of missing school. Have already decided to be Wonder Woman next Halloween. Greet your friends with squeals and hugs. Worry about what you'll be when you grow up. Must have carrots in your lunchbox. Make your baby brother howl with laughter. Are happy, smart, funny and beautiful on the inside and out.

 You just love life, Lily-bean, and we love you.

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chillerynyc said...

I love your words, Alli. Perfect. Lily is SO precious. This picture actually says exactly who she is...beautiful. We are all better people since she came into our lives. Blessed, is what we are, thanks to Lily and Jack. Love you all so very much.