Thursday, August 18, 2011

I made a promise at the beginning of the summer that I'd make the most of this time with my kids, and as the countdown begins for all of us to return to school, I am left with no regrets.

(Thank you, Kristin, for this photo!!!)

They-- Lily, in particular-- are ready to go back, but their mama sure isn't. Today we crossed the very last item off of our bucket list in the company of some fantastic friends. I'm telling you, my heart is just full of gratitude for being able to be home with them every single day of this wonderful summer. We have had a blast

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the good ship lollipop

Lil's big recital, including a mild freak-out from her mama, who was convinced she was losing her tap shoe, and her brother, who ticked off that he couldn't jump onstage and join his big sister. :)

She was truly concerned with not straying from her number that was taped to the floor, and notice how about half-way through she starts eating up the audience--- she was digging being on that stage.

This, my friends, will most definitely be played at her wedding one day. It's a keeper.

Friday, August 5, 2011

princess camp

Big ol' ham. She was seriously concerned about that puppy.

She's been waiting 5 months for this and it lived up to all it's hype.... 1 blissful week of dancing, crafting sparkly tiaras, a visit from the real Belle and hanging out in her fanciest attire with her favorite ballet buddies. The biggest dilemma: too many gowns, too few days. Our sweet princess had a blast.